What Is The KOLONY

An online research platform developed by strategic planners for creative thinkers.


KOLONY offers the core fundamentals of consumer research in a fun, efficient and versatile way.

KOLONY layers qualitative, quantitative, online and offline methodologies on one easy-to-use dashboard to build insights on insights without interruption.

KOLONY’s seamless design means you can move from insights to validated ideas in a handful of weeks versus months.


You can even white label this software and make it your own.

How You Can Use KOLONY


Get to know your respondents and build rapport before meeting them in-person with engaging online exercises

Purchase Path

Map the customer journey, logging all the “go”/”no-go” points along the way


Go deep with your respondents to paint a picture of who they are-
their needs, motivations, influencers, hopes, struggles, attitudes and behaviors

Brand Essence

Dig to the core of a brand and bring it to life using Kollage TM, image associations and projection


Get creative and build new and disruptive ideas

Concept Optimization

Make good ideas great by pinpointing areas for improvement using image markup, collaboration and ranking

Advertising Testing

Explore strengths and weaknesses to surface the most game-changing ideas

Quant Validation

Scale your work, from strategic insights through idea testing

How KOLONY Is Different

Most Digital Research Platforms Are:

Linear/ Rational


Word Heavy

Not Fun

Strategists Crave:

Lateral/ Emotional


No “Off” Button

Image Rich

KOLONY is built to be super projective, visual and emotional

Dynamic collaging studio   |   Image intense   |   Discussion Guide templates designed to go deeper   |  Fun to use for people aged 9 to 99

KOLONY's Activities

Open Ended

Concept Markup




Preloaded Discussion Guides & Templates

Online/offline Face-to-Face Scheduling

Quant Surveys & Reporting

Multiple Choice

Mad Libs

Project Masking

Forced Rank

Participant Grouping

Stimuli Rotation

Response Tagging


Take a Look at KOLONY

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